Martinist chiefs of the Golden Dawn

The name of Dr. Gerard Encausse (“Papus”) is well known as the reviver of modern Martinism, with the creation of the Supreme Council in 1888, as well as the famous Martinist review “l’Initiation.” Papus was the author of numerous books on occultism, including “The Tarot of the Bohemians” (translated in English by A.E. Waite), “Traité Méthodique de la Magie Pratique”, “La Kabbale”, “Ce que un maitre maçon doit savoir”. Encausse also was the chief of Memphis-Mizraim in France, a X degree O.T.O., and was initiate of numerous little known arcane societies.

Dr. Encausse joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn on March 23, 1895, His initiation was described in the official records of the Order for that date, according the text here quoted in full below:

87 Rue Mozart
Saturday, March 23, 1895
Vernal Equinox Meeting.

The Temple was opened by Sceptre in the 0=0 of Neophyte.

Present were

Hieroph. – – V.H. Fr. S.R.M.D. 5=6
Hiereis – – Sor. V.N.R. 5=6
Hegemon – – Fra. Ex Animo 5=6
Kerukaina – – Sor. Altina Amo 2=9
As Stolistria. – – H. Sor. En Hakkore 4=7
Dadouchos – – H. Fra. Judah 4=7
Sorores, “In Spe Pacis”; Per alas; and Mors Vita; all 0=0

+ Papus candidate.

Dr. Gerard Encausse, an approved candidate, being in attendance was impressively admitted to the Grade of Neophyte, and took the Motto of Papus. The ceremony was performed in French, – for the first time after the rehearsal.

Frater Papus being compelled to leave before the ceremony of the Equinox was entrusted with the new Pass-word before quitting the Temple. – – The minutes of the last two meetings were read and confirmed. – – The Imperator announced that V.H. Fra. “Ex Animo” had been received as a member of the Second Order on Thursday, March 14, 1895, and had further been appointed Cancellarius of Ahathoor Temple.

A vote of thanks to Soror “Attira Amo” for having translated the Ritual of Neophyte into French, and to V.H. Fra. Ex Animo for having typewritten the same, was proposed by V.H. Sor. V.N.R., seconded by H. Fra. Judah, carried unanimously; + directed to be entered on the minutes.

Later these two members returned thanks for the honor done them and the latter (V.H. Fra. “Ex Animo”) expressed his resolution of serving the Temple to the best of his ability in the capacity of third chief.

V.H. Fra. S.R.M.D. gave notice of a meeting on Monday 25th inst., at Courbevoie, in order to confer the 4=7 on Sor. Psyche; who had been hindered attending through illness.

He also gave notice of “Mors Vita” being ready for 1=10, and promised to arrange a meeting at an early date, for it (–) passing her examination.

He also stated that he had received hearty good wishes from other Temples of the Order for the Equinox.

The Ceremony of the Vernal Equinox was further proceeded with; the new officers being:

V.H. Sor Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum 5=6 Hierophant.
V.H. Fra. Ex Animo 5=6 Hiereuks
V.H. Fra. S.R.M.D. took Hegemon, nominating as his deputy, Soror Altira Amo, 2=9 until such time as she should pass the 3=8.
Sor. Psyche 3=8 Kerukaina
Fra. Judah 4=7 Stolistes
Sor En hakkore 4=7 Dadouche
Sor. Pshyche not being present, Sor. In spe Pacis represented her. —

The Temple was closed in full form with the Mystic Repast —

It was afterward resumed in the 0=0, and V.H. Fra. Ex Animo was duly (-)
as to his duties as a Chief.

The Temple was finally closed by Sceptre.

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