John Brown [Mazzini U::S::] in London

SOCIETASMAZZINILOGO1A few lines to give thanks to Marco Moiso and Eleonora Renzi Moiso for their excellent organisation of the event “Secret Mazzini”, that has been a moment of deepening not just about the past but about the present time. The idea Mazzini expressed in his life is about Europe as a whole, an idea of emancipation and freedom. In this time, with an increasing excitement of masses towards fascists 2.0 as Trump, Le Pen, Hofer, etc., They are using the word freedom giving it its opposite meaning. Therefore, to stay together in a pub talking about emancipation today come back to be something important just like used to be one century ago. The important perspectives added by participant (among them Veronica Brava, Rosario, Alessandro, Emily Fieran-Reed) generated a comprehensive attitude towards the understanding of the opportunity given by new communication tools (the internet and the simplification of travelling), which allows us in our time to be able to talk and share and open opportunities. I think, and let me invite to reflect together on this, that what is important is not so much try to explain everything happens around us, rather than to start a complete “reset” of our way to think. This should be composed into new patterns, and we should reflect about how generate a common methodology to fire the candles (and the torch) of enlightenment everywhere this can be possible. Sincerely, this is our purpose. And this is a possible one. Read. Think. Share. Enlight. Meet. Celebrate. Breathe, Improve your consciousness. Ritualize. Repeat, spreading all over Europe.

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