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Tradizionalismo e Progressismo

Noto soltanto adesso questo grazioso commento dell’autore del blog ad un mio articolo del 2015. Poiché la citazione è testuale, non ho nulla da aggiungere, né da togliere. Dissento dalla definizione cattocomunista che mi viene attribuita, perché la mia storia personale non ha pertinenza con quegli ambiti dottrinali. Invece di utilizzare vezzeggiativi sui miei libri, se solo fossero stati letti vi si sarebbe riscontrata un’impostazione mazziniana e illuministica, che risulta irriducibile al doppio schema cattolico e comunista. Preciso che il cattolicesimo di sinistra è la tradizione di Aldo Moro, che merita ogni rispetto. Dico solo che non è il mio alveo ideologico, e questa affermazione mi induce a stabilire distanze e differenze, in specie tra quanti vedono la verità come una costruzione dogmatica, posseduta esclusivamente da un numero ristretto di pretesi “eletti” e quanti invece concepiscono la verità come dimensione spirituale alla quale tutti possono accedere, se si costruiscono le condizioni perché ciò accada. La prima posizione si dice “tradizionalismo”. La seconda “progressismo”. Il progressismo dell’Ottocento permeava l’idea del sol dell’avvenire e la promessa di un futuro luminoso, di un’età dell’Aquario, dei “Miranda Sexta Aetatis”. Oggi, la sinistra è soltanto materialista e marxista, e ogni letteratura esoterica è alla mercé di filosofi oscurantisti. Possa questa breve riflessione offrire un raggio di luce al Lettore.




#MakeAmericastupidagain (as at the time of GW Bush, maybe. Chemical weapons: the same old story.

Libia was quite ok with Qaddafi. After its “liberation” no freedom has join that land. Irak was ok with Saddam; now is a destroyed waste land. Syria was ok with Assad. And Israel shouldn’t have no fear, if its nationalism wouldn’t have rose. La Libia stava bene con Gheddafi e non ha conquistato nessuna libertà. L’Iraq stava bene con Saddam ed oggi è distrutta. La Siria stava bene con Assad. E Israele non aveva da temere, se solo avesse mantenuto gli equilibri.

Amos Oz, Aharon Appelfeld, David Grossman and Etgar Keret. In a possible synthesis of their thought, we should say: are you sure that Israel should have been conceived as a national state, after what nationalism made against Israel itself? Maybe it should have been a better idea to create an international entity?



Jinney the Witch

also known as “Mother Red Cap”, she is the true legend of Camden Town. Her history is fantastic and should be better spread out. You can read here what is written on the door of “The World’s End Tavern” in Camden Town, which is a pub that is placed on the same place where the Jinney had her residence. It is to note that this place was rebuilt in the beginning of XIX century, and it was the place where philosopher Thomas Carlyle first met the Italian philosopher Giuseppe Mazzini to talk about revolution.

At the door’s entrance at “The World’s End Tavern” in Camden Town:

jinney the witchBorn Jinney Bingham, the daughter of a local bricklayer from Kentish Town, when she was 16 she had a child by a man who was well known to the magistrates of here abouts. After he was caught stealing sheep from land near Holloway, he was sent to Newgate Prison, tried at the Old Bailey and hung at Tyburn. Jinney then took up with a man named Darby who disappeared under ‘mysterious circumstances’. About the same time her parents were brought to trial, accused of practising black magic and causing the death of a young maiden for which they were both hung. Jinney next met a man called Pitcher and his body was found tucked up in the oven burnt to a cinder. She was sent to trial for his murder but was acquitted when a witness proved that Pitcher often hid in the oven to escape Jinney’s nagging tongue! Man number four in her life was to make her financially secure for the rest of her days but when he died there were rumours and once more the witchcraft stories began to circulate. An inquest was held on the body but once again Jinney was named as blameless. Her foul tongue and temper were well known throughout the district and she would often sit outside here wearing her old red cap on her head, and her shawl (with black markings that resembled bats) around her shoulders. Crowds would gather to hurl abuse at her but with her cat by her side they would soon retreat from “The Evil Duo”. They were both to die together on the same day with poison being suspected. Whether self-inflicted or administered by someone else will never be known. Thus died Mother Red Cap and it is on the site of her cottage that this pub is built.

If you want to (br)exit… please do

JpegOpen letter to UK Brothers and Sisters. Coming from the inner ring of SOCIETAS MAZZINI, you can be sure that we love England, the motherland of Thomas Carlyle and John Yarker, just to remember two great names among the circle Joseph Mazzini used to frequent during his exile in London. Notwithstanding, some of the position emerging by UK politicians about the referendum on the possibility for UK to exit from the European Union remind us also that there is also a populist way inside United Kingdom that believes a stingy strategy of “I don’t care” is the best way. To this part we say the door is open. Please do.

We are saying in this non-British English (Intglish, international English, is the way European write) that, as well we unconditionally love that England of the Glorious Revolution that indicated the way to the whole Europe, as we recognise the Bill of Right as the main document of modernity,   we cannot appreciate what happened since the ’80s, having still today in our ears Mrs. Thatcher’s words: “if we have not been able to break Europe from outside, let’s try from inside”.

This kind of policies from the shop, made of stingy personal advantages (even illusory because they are based on fear), this is not the England that Europe needs, which is instead the one of courage and innovation, freedom of thought and progress in philosophy.

Mind you: if we criticise England is certainly not to say that Europe is perfect. On the contrary, never as in recent years the degradation in technical structure oriented in wealth distribution policies that, paradoxically, are perfectly similar to those of Thatcher.

But now it’s clear what we need and what we don’t need for.

Hoping that in the whole England, in the whole Europe and in the whole World people enlighten their mind and open their eyes. Be these words be dedicated unto the complete liberation and the supreme enlightenment of all beings, everywhere in space and time.

Image of the Author, Oil on canvas 1997

Etna Piper – Happening!

25-27 Sept. in a special place of the volcano Etna, an event will happen, melted in deep and ancient mythologies and mysteries.  People who will have the pleasure and delight to attend are welcome.  We wait for poets, singers, dancers, musicians, performers and all kind of sensitive and inspired people.

To realize this happening you may have a stay in a very cheep dimension, starting from € 19 per day in a hostel, and € 40 per night in B&B.  Please, contact us to the address

Experience: the Making of a Happening

Revisiting Ginsberg in the Beat Cosmopolitan Light


The aim of the experience is to draw the happening in the spirit of the beat feeling of reciprocal understanding, simultaneity of presence in time and space, sharing of feelings and purpose, and something mystical too.

This approach is manifested in its purposes through by the opening verses of the Ginzberg’s Howl, where the desperate substitution of a spiritual experience through by the addiction of some drugs is denounced as a mistake. Through by that words, collective imaginary is penetrated by the need of a new and different spirituality, to be shared beyond current religious boundaries.

This concept is developed focusing inside this the great request for spirituality emerging from the waves of beat literature, reversing jazz into rock music, pushing the Beatles in India or the Rolling Stones in Morocco.  In both these choices there is a beat breathe, which can be explained through by the Ginzberg’s Indian Journal in the first case, and with the Tangeri’s connection in the second.

Going further with these suggestions, the happening will be held in the height of the volcano Etna, involving people from all around the world to share an experience whose result will be – together with the short essay forged within the methodology of anthropology and social sciences – a docufilm where the experience THE ETNA PIPER will be recorded, as a demo of its repliability and transferability.

The experience we want to express through by this study is related to the special work the Author – with his home-founded organization Fondazione M – has been carrying out, within a logical framework inside which pose an experimental action to be lived and shared in fullness of emotion and understanding.


Being part of the EBSN since the first AGM, Davide C. Crimi concentrated his research on the ground of once called “non-academic sources” of beat literature, to give evidence to the special relation between beat literature and emancipation. This special approach mixes the effectiveness of the performance value of poetry with its social and political meaning.  A recent essay was published in nr. X of Academicus Journal).

What we are calling «Docufilm» will be the synthesis and the mix of the elements drawn in the essay’s abstract, composing both an experiment on individual and collective (of the group)  awareness, a retrospective on the model of the «happening» as special event to attend which people may arrive from all around the world according to the model that modern economy calls «integrated relational tourism», to be performed – after an intensive two-days residential stage – in a special naturalistic landscape (in this case, the higher side of the volcano Etna).  The artistic expression is improved by a parallelism with the «Hymn to Pan» model coming from the Joujouka model, which is part of early Mediterranean mythology, offering an exceptional psychic panorama, working on something very close to archetype’s deep psychology.

complete the form before 31 August to manifest your presence: form etna piper

To be experienced!