Become a Societas Mazzini’s Member

What does it means to become a Member of Societas Mazzini?

It is a way to become independent researchers on the lines of thought and action of progressive emancipation, in a transnational and cosmopolitan network as conceived by Giuseppe Mazzini, applying Thomas Paine’s and Theosophical principles.

As Societas Mazzini we frame these lines of thought and action according to the categories defined here:

political action reaching emancipation of peoples and individuals;

the emancipation seen as a complete evolution, material, psychological and spiritual (opposed to the Marxism’ primacy of materialism);

the expression of a spiritual dimension of initiation as progressive knowledge, open to all, men and women, to be delivered in progressive degrees;

the polar star of eutopia, a spiritual vision of a gradual integration of all souls into a free society, with an inclusive work to turn outbreaks of independent thinking, spreading it across Europe and the whole world, to build a modern interclass of transnational and cosmopolitan people, meeting each other in special happenings.

Becoming part of Societas Mazzini is to enter into a training leading to the understanding of the main organizations of perfectioning, with a vision that is rooted both in Tradition, Enlightenment, Rationalism and Mysticism, orienting empowerment of individuals through knowledge, generating awareness of the process of alignment between the will of the individual ego and transcendent will.

Societas Mazzini respects the religious beliefs and the values of each person, creating opportunities to listening to each othe with the aim to find, within each individual, spiritual and political guidance, the reasons of the higher consciousness that lead the person properly trained and informed to understand the natural laws of conscience.

Societas Mazzini is the inner circle of internal studies inside Foundation M. Both teams exclude profit as their purpose, rejecting the commercialization of knowledge especially into initiation – that can not be bought.  Both inform their action to the widest participation and recognition of the common striving for the growth of social and civil consciousness. The fees required by the Statute are informed to the principles of minimalism, in line with the philosophy of Carbonari such as vehicle of the first enlightenment. The subscription entitles you to access the restricted pages of this site, the ebook library and additional services for the entrance into the progressive levels.

The entrance into this dimension is governed by the statuto FONDAZIONE M; the modulo di adesione FONDAZIONE M can be downloaded here FOUNDATION M for download; for any additional information, write to

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