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Socialism and Res Publica

Rehab socialism means come back before Marx, when socialism and spiritualism were intertwined. We should study the American Transcendentalist movement (Emerson, Thoreau) and the work made by the early Theosophist, like Olcott, Mazzini, Paine and more.

The true identity of Socialism is the Republican system and not Democracy, that is meaningless. It is impossible to have a real democratic government system, while the republican one is the more effective, concerning the national system as common good, Latin “Res Publica”.

The nucleal core of this idea concerns the way to come out the unbreathable air of the materialism and come back to the mystical idea of XIX century philosophers who believed that after the Age of Light would have arrived an Age of Reason.

This idea has been rejected by the ruling establishment of all nations. Notwithstanding the Republic has been the government system that has been able to go beyond the absolutism of middle age monarchies, because of this reason the ruling aristocracy, after they become able to absorb the emerging bourgeois class, the obscured “Republic” with “Democracy”.

In America, the conservatives took the label “Democracy”, while something of the original spirit was preserved in the socialist area in eastern Europe and Russia, at least before Stalin transformed it in an intolerable oppression system, a traitor of the international workers which issue was the “socialism in just one country”, something that conserved of socialism and republic just the words without their meaning.

We should restart our thought with something that will start from the last line where the words “socialism” and “republic” had their real meaning, related to “progress” not just as a simple growth of production, in the materialistic sense, but as the stepwalk of human awareness, consciousness, emancipation, freedom.