Rolling Stones in Cuba: sympathy for the money

cs859Ok people, Rolling Stones got an extraordinary repertory, of course they are legend and, since they have been calling by journalist “Rolling Grandpa” in the ’90, now they are beyond whatever definition. Notwithstanding, the concert in Cuba cannot be celebrate as a victory of the “free world” over the “communist” party of Castro. The first reason is that Castro’s family had a deal with the business, and they earn a lot of money. The second reason is that Rolling Stones are no more that band we once loved, the outsiders who played political songs like “gimme shelter” in ’68.  The third one should be evident by your eyes: that the presence of the Rolling Stones in Cuba is nothing else than the show business catching your attention like Coca-Cola does, with the whole number of the imperialist signs (after all, Jagger himself is a Warhol’s image, just like the Campbell Soup). The loosers are that people that were really believers in music as a way to change consciousness and allow to everyone to expand their mind. But, you know, you can’t always get what you want… Unless we will cease to stay asleep. Wake up, people!

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