Parliament suspension in UK

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The last time a leader refused to let Parliament sit it was Charles I – and it directly led to the English Civil War.

The irresponsible choice took by Boris Johnson is not by chance. Boris Johnson had the approval of the queen? No, it’s unbelivable! It’s more likely the queen ordered Johnson to suspend the Parliament.

…it’s time to abolish the monarchy.

Source image: @ElCorbynista
Tweet · Aug 26, 2019

After all, the monarchy was already abolished after the execution, because of the trial of high treason, of king Charles in 1649.

The story began when Charles quarrelled with theParliament of England, which sought to curb hisroyal prerogative.

Charles was the second son ofKing James VI of Scotland. His father was a fanatic of witchcraft persecution, considering this as a branch of theology. He went in Denmark (can you hear a Shakesperean echo?) to attend theNorth Berwick witch trials…

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