If you want to (br)exit… please do

JpegOpen letter to UK Brothers and Sisters. Coming from the inner ring of SOCIETAS MAZZINI, you can be sure that we love England, the motherland of Thomas Carlyle and John Yarker, just to remember two great names among the circle Joseph Mazzini used to frequent during his exile in London. Notwithstanding, some of the position emerging by UK politicians about the referendum on the possibility for UK to exit from the European Union remind us also that there is also a populist way inside United Kingdom that believes a stingy strategy of “I don’t care” is the best way. To this part we say the door is open. Please do.

We are saying in this non-British English (Intglish, international English, is the way European write) that, as well we unconditionally love that England of the Glorious Revolution that indicated the way to the whole Europe, as we recognise the Bill of Right as the main document of modernity,   we cannot appreciate what happened since the ’80s, having still today in our ears Mrs. Thatcher’s words: “if we have not been able to break Europe from outside, let’s try from inside”.

This kind of policies from the shop, made of stingy personal advantages (even illusory because they are based on fear), this is not the England that Europe needs, which is instead the one of courage and innovation, freedom of thought and progress in philosophy.

Mind you: if we criticise England is certainly not to say that Europe is perfect. On the contrary, never as in recent years the degradation in technical structure oriented in wealth distribution policies that, paradoxically, are perfectly similar to those of Thatcher.

But now it’s clear what we need and what we don’t need for.

Hoping that in the whole England, in the whole Europe and in the whole World people enlighten their mind and open their eyes. Be these words be dedicated unto the complete liberation and the supreme enlightenment of all beings, everywhere in space and time.

Image of the Author, Oil on canvas 1997

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